Curt Hanson


Curt Hanson has enjoyed a successful career for over 30 years. His landscape paintings of New England and Southeast Asia are in numerous collections worldwide. Hanson began his formal art training at Fort Wright College in Washington. There he studied with Charles Palmer and Stan Taft, laying the foundation for his life's work inside the classroom and outside during their many fishing expeditions. Hanson continued on to New York City where he took on the essence of the Barbizon School paintings, studying the work of George Inness. Hanson then moved on to Boston, where he studied for 3 years in the workshop of the famed Boston School painter, Ives Gammell. In 1979, Hanson Settled in northwestern Connecticut, where he continues to pursue an ever-deepening relationship with art and nature. Hanson's paintings have evolved with a contemplative feeling induced by a practice in Buddhist mediation and a love of Thailand, where he spends part of his year.


Hanson's paintings overflow with his connection, not just to the landscapes in focus, but to the entire natural world. For Hanson, painting and meditation are really one in the same. Meditation is about being completely aware, awake in the present moment; it is about observing what is happening right now. His meditation practice provides him with insight when working directly from nature or using photographic reference. He works using his memory, remembering the important details that he experienced while looking, which is a very different process than recreating a copy of the landscape.


"As one whom has given my whole life to the practice of painting, at its heart has been that painting is an object of awareness of what it means to be alive. Through direct observation of nature both in the external and the internal world it has and continues to be a way of knowing and understanding what this life is."


Hanson's work has been exhibited at The Christina Gallery on Martha's Vineyard, The Cooley Gallery in Old Lyme, CT, Gardner-Colby Gallery in Naples, FL, Ella's Limited Fine Arts and Framing in Bantam, CT. Loog Choob in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as the Curt Hanson Studio at Cornubia Hall in Cornwall, CT; his own studio and personal show place for his paintings.