Tjasa Owen


Tjasa Owen studied art at the National Academy of Fine Art in New York, and the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently resides in San Francisco. Tjasa's work is a confluence of her international travels, her enthusiasm for written correspondence and her love for landscapes, inland as well as coastal. Having grown up by the Atlantic seashore, she is drawn to the everchanging skies and coastal scenes. In addition, living in France for three years and recently spending time visiting Tuscany, inspired her to recreate the endless rows of trees and distant hills which she has incorporated into some of her newest works.


During Tjasa's foreign travels and time away from the studio, she photographs, sketches and captures landscape details and textures. Back in her San Francisco studio she integrates the themes of rural and coastal landscape as well as correspondance to create intimate collage envelopes and larger format paintings. She uses acrylic and oil pastel as well as collage media within her works on paper and canvas. Her subtle and whimsical notations on many of the pieces invite the viewer to create a personal relationship with the work of art open to their own interpretation.


"Each piece, for me, is unique and carries its own story. My landscapes are inspired by my love for the Atlantic coastline as well as by my travels abroad. I will incorporate different places, textures and colours I have seen all into one piece. I sometimes will add postscripts and abstract phrases from my journals or sketchbooks to capture a sense of time and history to a place I have created. I create a landscape postcard in my head, and by adding an ink stamp, it's as if I'm sending it back. By doing this I hope to inspire the viewer to create their own story. I am always searching for old postmarks, stamps and envelopes as well as bits of the physical nature around me for color reference. I like to paint my own envelopes and make my own postscripts an integral part of each piece. Letter writing is almost a lost art, and by creating these envelopes I am reminding the viewer of their importance."


Tjasa Owen is represented by The Hang Gallery in San Francisco, The Harrison Gallery in Williamstown, Massachusetts, The City Art Gallery in Greenville, North Carolina and the Eisenhauer Galleries on Martha's Vineyard and Block Island, Rhode Island. Her work is in numerous private and public collections, including the Saatchi's private collection and the collection of the Dana Farber Institute.