Winter 2013 - 01/06/2013


New Artists Curt Hanson & Don Wilks

Curt Hanson's paintings overflow with his connection, not to just the landscapes in focus, but to the entire natural world.

Hanson began his formal training at Fort Wright College in Washington. There he studied with Charles Palmer and Stan Taft, laying the foundation for his life's work inside the classroom and outside during their many fishing expeditions. He continued on to New York City where he absorbed the essence of the Barbizon School paintings, studying especially the work of George Inness.

Hanson settled in northwestern Connecticut, where his paintings have evolved with a contemplative feeling induced by a practice in Buddhist meditation and a love of Thailand, where he spends part of his year.

To view more of Curt Hanson's paintings click here.


Don Wilks has been a resident of Martha's Vineyard for 28 years, working in wore, wax, welding metals, and now clay. During 1965, Wilks began sculpting under the guidance of Peter Pacquette, who taught the techniques of working with clay, wax, and metal, as well as soldering and shaping rigid materials. Subsequently, he also studied with Frank Eliscu, a world renowned sculptor. Later, Wilks attended Boston's Museum of Fine Arts school.
Wilks seeks to interpret the beauty of modern dance and classical ballet through sculptural form. In addition, he captures the angularity of thrust limbs inspired by Cirque du Soleil's acrobatic dancers.
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New Susan Read Cronin Bronzes


Although Susan Read Cronin's work is with us all year round, there is something it is always so enlightening to receive a new piece.  There is an undeniable energy that surrounds her sculptures and draws the viewer in, when the energy is recognized and felt we all happily await the next step......laughter!

 Cronin's newest sculptures “Some Enchanted Evening” and “The Runaway Pea” are witty, heartwarming and like all of her pieces, allow your mind to wonder and conclude whatever you'd like. 

With these cold winter days upon us, treat yourself, stop in the gallery and have some fun!


Exciting Upcoming Shows for Winter

 February brings us new paintings by George Van Hook. As a plein air painter, Van Hook always paints in nature, yet he intentionally chooses his locations based on the structures of the site, translating the impressionist style to a contemporary subject, as he builds lights on darks with confident strokes. The show will run Feb. 2nd - 27th, with an opening reception on Saturday, February 2nd, 5 - 7 PM.


March features new paintings by Leslie Peck in her 2nd solo show at the Harrison Gallery. She joined our collection last year with a successful solo show. She brings out the subtle beauty and simplicity in the still lifes she sets up, using her extensive background in portrait painting, to create classic, yet bold paintings that capture the environment that surrounds her. The show will run March 2nd - 31st.

To view our entire 2013 schow schedule click here.


Quintessential Winter Moment

John MacDonald’s painting “Winter Dawn” portrays that perfect winter moment, when we pause to notice of the beauty that surrounds us. May you enjoy the rest of the season, and remember to take the time to enjoy the beauty that it has to offer!